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"I used to laugh when my mom crossed her legs when she sneezed, now I understand why...",

 is what one of my patients had said to me.

These are things that we do not consider or think about until time has caught up with us and the aging process is already in full swing. Menopause, the effects of child birth, effects of prolonged hormone use and many other factors that contribute to the symptoms of Urinary and Vaginal Atrophy, are very rarely spoken about let alone taught about. Women are living with painful intercourse, urinary leakage, vaginal burning and dryness, constant infections, AND yet 63% of women fail to recognize their symptoms as a chronic condition. However, 75% of women report that Vaginal Atrophy has a negative impact on their lives! Many of our MonaLisa Patients are claiming this to be a life changing procedure. I even have patients saying they are experiencing better orgasms since their treatment.

Up until now, there has not been a treatment that truly reverses the negative symptoms women are struggling with. The options they do have are limited, can be messy or invasive and they may include negative side effects. No one is talking about it and women are being led to believe that the symptoms they are dealing with is just a "normal part of life". These negative symptoms will not go away on their own and magically disappear. By being left untreated the symptoms may continue to get worse. Now there is something that you can do about it without invasive procedures that require downtime or inconvenient products that need to be used daily.

We are one of the first few in the nation to offer the FDA approved MonaLisa Touch Treatment. MonaLisa Touch is a carbon dioxide fractional laser for Vaginal Atrophy (Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause). All MonaLisa Touch procedures are done by Dr. Arora, a board certified OB-GYN with 20+ years of laser experience. The procedure takes less than 5 min, unlike some non FDA approved treatments that take over 40 minutes to do. It is painless, requires no anesthesia, no post treatment downtime, and is done in the office. The results have been amazing and many MonaLisa Touch patients are saying the treatment has been life changing!

We believe that this treatment is for Every and All Woman either for treatment, prevention, or maintenance.

There are women in all ages who notice leakage of urine due to coughing, sneezing, or exertion (stress incontinence), and women in all ages experiencing vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, lack of orgasm or interest in sex. Instead of using pads daily for urine leakage or messy creams and lube for vaginal pain or dryness; women everywhere should consider or start to consider trying the MonaLisa Touch laser treatment before they end up with complicated operations and money down the drain.

Who is a candidate for the treatment

  • For treatment of symptoms or prevention and annual maintenance of vaginal health.
  • Peri-menopause or menopausal women with Vaginal Atrophy
  • Breast cancer survivors who want to continue intimacy with their spouse or significant other. These women are on anti estrogen medications to prevent recurrence of cancer and can Not use estrogen in any form, oral or vaginal.
  • Women who are contraindicated for hormones.
  • Post Menopausal women who want to prevent yearly deterioration due to the natural ongoing aging process and loss of estrogen. 
  • Women after a complete hysterectomy
  • Women who do not want to mess around with messy vaginal creams and lubricants
  • Women who are on prolonged hormonal use, such as birth control
  • Women who have or want to breast feed their child and still want to be intimate
  • Women in all ages who notice leakage of urine due to coughing, sneezing, or on exertion (stress incontinence) should consider or start to consider trying the MonaLisa Laser treatment before you end up with complicated operations.